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Acupuncture is wonderful for all ages and stages of life, from newborns to elderly.
Needleless Acupuncture for kids is becoming more and more popular, parents are turning to pediatric acupuncture because it is a safe, natural and effective approach to healthcare. Traditional Chinese medicine focuses on treating the symptoms as well as, the root cause, for a safe resolution of illness and preventing illness in the future.
In my practice I treat children using Needleless Acupuncture techniques, so treatments are easy and virtually painless.

Looking forward to meeting you and your little one. My practice is conveniently located in Yaletown Vancouver.

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Acupuncturist Vancouver

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Vajeh Dasht-Laali
B.Sc R.Ac


Vajeh Dasht-laali,

My interest in Pediatric Acupuncture began with my own personal experience with childhood chronic health conditions while, continued into adulthood.
The generic pediatric treatments did not adequately address the challenges I faced as a child and my parents were simply told “she’ll grow out of.” Same as any parent, while, it was very difficult for my parents to accept such fatalistic view when their child was suffering.

As a child, it was difficult for me to see my parents constantly worrying about my health. Accordingly this led me to become curious about paediatric health and well being, to give children a greater opportunity to grow into healthy adults.

By the time, I was drawn to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) holistic approach to heal the mind and the body as one entity, and to treat the cause of the disease rather than the symptoms.

In TCM each child is unique and the treatment plan is customized to the child’s individual needs.

Since, I have a background in biochemistry and microbiology, giving me a vast knowledge across both Western and Eastern interpretations of the body and health.
So that, I take the best of both worlds to offer an individualized treatment for your child’s condition.
Indeed, I believe health education and lifestyle choices are as important as what happens in the treatment room.

Accordingly, the best results come from the practitioner and the parents working together as a team.

Acupuncturist Vancouver

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